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The Proof Is In The Pictures

Notice the lack of wasted hay on the ground in these pictures.  The time listed below each picture indicates how long the feeder as been in the same spot.  Feel free to call any of our customers listed below and ask them what they think of the Hay-Mizer® hay feeder.

2 years 
Dwight Van Weelden, Sully, IA  (641)-594-2704

2 years 
JB Ranch, Pella, IA  (641)-628-4243

1 year
Thacker Brothers, Muscatine, IA  (563)-263-0387

6 months 
Wayne Kramer, Farley, IA  (563)-744-3138

3 years - Don Slycord of Pella, IA -   641-628-9790

These feeders are among the seven feeders owned by Olympic Genetic Center, Grinnel, IA  (641)-236-7030, one our first customers.  Notice the 2600 lb bulls eating out of this feeder.  The Hay-Mizer® can handle big cows and bulls without bending or breaking.  Don't try this with a ring feeder!  Also note the lack of wasted hay around the feeder.

This rancher has 65 cows eating from one Hay-Mizer®.  This feeder has been in this one location for over a year.  Even with feeding two bales per day for over a year, the only waste around this feeder is manure - not hay!  Notice how well the Hay-Mizer® can handle large numbers of cows without a problem.

Notice the holes in hay bale.  This is caused by cattle burrowing into the bale to get to the center of the bale.  This is why so much hay is being wasted - wasted hay is being used for very expensive bedding.  The Hay-Mizer® eliminates hay burrowing and hay wasting.  

This feeder has been in a dairy lot for 3 months.  There is  virtually no hay waste.  The bale is gone, but hay has fallen to the bottom of the feeder where it will be eaten without waste.  For maximum efficiency, allow cattle to eat all of the hay in the feeder before adding another bale.

This feeder has been in the same spot for a year and the rancher has never cleaned around it.  All of the waste is  manure waste - no hay is being wasted.  Again, notice the large number of cows on this one feeder.

Look at the size of the bulls our feeder will handle.  The Hay-Mizer® is built to last - even when large cows and bulls are using the feeder year-around.


A conventional "ring" style hay feeder.  Notice how much hay is being wasted and tromped into the mud.  With $100 per ton hay, how much is this feeder really costing you?

The Hay-Mizer® hay feeder.  Notice how little hay has been dropped out of the feeder and is being stepped on.  With $100 per ton hay, how much is this feeder saving  you?

This is not just a hay feeder - it is a CAPITAL INVESTMENT!

The Hay-Mizer® is designed and built by David Lovell of Pella, IA.
877-828-1972    dave@haymizer.com

The Hay-Mizer® is protected under US Patent #D451649

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