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haymizer_cows.jpg (41193 bytes)The Hay-Mizer®
Eight foot hay feeder for large cows and bulls
How much hay can you afford to waste?  With the price of hay, the answer is "As little as possible!"  Welcome to the Hay-Mizer®, a revolutionary hay feeder design that is 95% efficient and is proven to save your hay.  These rugged hay feeders are built to last - in fact, they are the heaviest feeders in their class.  The Hay-Mizer® can feed round, square or ground hay and the unique design of these feeders keep hay where it belongs - inside the feeder until your cows eat it!  With the high cost of hay this winter, a Hay-Mizer® feeder can pay for itself in one season!

The Hay-Mizer® hay feeder.  Notice how little hay has been dropped out of the feeder and is being stepped on.  With $100 per ton hay, how much money is this feeder making you?

The Hay-Mizer feeder to the left is 14 years old.
"Best money I've ever spent!"
~Hay-Mizer customer


A conventional "ring" style hay feeder.  Notice how much hay is being wasted and tromped into the mud.  With $100 per ton hay, how much is this feeder really costing you?


The Hay-Mizer® for calves and yearlings
6x8 foot feeder for calves & smaller cattle
The Hay-Mizer® Horse Feeder
Eight foot hay feeder for
The Hay-Mizer® Buffalo Feeder
Eight foot hay feeder for
buffalo and bison.
The Hay-Mizer® Sheep Feeder
6x8 foot hay feeder for
sheep and miniature livestock.
Dare to Compare
Hay-Mizer® vs others pictures
Proof In The Pictures
See the results other producers are getting!
Unique Features 
See why the Hay-Mizer® is the best feeder on the market!
See how the Hay-Mizer®  will pay for itself in one season. 
haymizer_cows.jpg (41193 bytes)Hay-Mizer® History
Learn how the Hay-Mizer® was developed 
Simple to Assemble
Step by step assembly instructions
How To Move
Examples of how to move the Hay-Mizer feeder.

The Hay-Mizer® is designed and built by David Lovell of Pella, IA.

The Hay-Mizer® is protected under US Patent #D451649

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